In a year of transition for hearing healthcare, leading providers are investing in the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System to elevate their practices and proactively shape the future of audiology. Learn how the Lantos System brings significant benefits to patients, practitioners and business owners. 

Unlike off-the-shelf offerings, custom-fit hearing products can deliver the perfect solution for every patient need. The Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System is transforming how custom products—from hearing aids to sleep plugs to hearing protection to consumer audio earbuds— are fitted and made. With real-time visualization and a proprietary membrane-based scan process, the Lantos System makes it easy and safe to map the ear from the concha down to within millimeters of the ear canal.

"The science of taking earmold impressions hasn’t changed in the 20 years that I’ve been practicing, but the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System takes it to a whole new level."
– Al Turri, Au.D., The Villages Health

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3D ear scanning from Lantos DELIVERS:

  • Improved patient outcomes
    Digital accuracy enables perfect-fitting custom hearing products through a streamlined process that delivers them more quickly and seamlessly than products made from traditional earmold impressions – Download 12 Reasons Scan Users Will Love the Lantos System

  • Elevated patient experiences
    Patients give an average score of 9.5 out of 10 when asked how likely they are to recommend the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System, where 10 is "would definitely recommend," and more than 9 out of 10 patients prefer ear scanning to EMI – Download Lantos by the Numbers

  • Practice differentiation
    81% of patients say they have an improved perception of the providing clinic after having their ears scanned with the Lantos System – Download 10 Benefits of the Lantos System

  • New revenue streams
    A single Lantos ear scan can be used to make the full array of custom hearing protection and enhancement solutions, unlocking the potential to increase revenue from each appointment with no additional work – Download One Scan Endless Options Brochure

"The Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System has been nothing but these positive 'Wow' moments!"
– Dr. Soriya Estes, Founder and Owner, Estes Audiology & Hearing Center


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