Custom-fit hearing products deliver the personalized fit, quality and comfort that every ear deserves. Now, Lantos is introducing a new path to custom with breakthrough 3D ear scanning technology.

The Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System pairs unmatched patient comfort with digital efficiency in capturing the geometry of the ear. The improved experience of ear scanning, compared to the traditional earmold impression process, is making a big impact on patients. 

Through October 2019, 93% of participants in a patient survey say that they prefer ear scanning over earmold impressions, and they give an average score of 9.3 out of 10 when asked to rank how likely they are to recommend the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System. Further, 76% of participants indicate that the Lantos System improves their perception of the providing clinic




Lantos Doug Perlo Testimonial FINAL


Doug Pirlo

Both as an attorney and a music fan, hearing is an imperative part of life for Doug Pirlo. Hear Doug's experience with the Lantos System in his own words, along with the transformative impact of his custom-fit hearing solutions. 

Karen Cedant

First fitted with assistive hearing devices in high school, Karen Cedant has had many earmold impressions taken over the past decade. In this video, Karen has her ears scanned for the first time with the Lantos 3D Scanning System.

Lantos Karen Cedant Testimonial FINAL

While significantly improving the patient experience in your clinic, the Lantos System also offers many other important benefits. 

The Lantos 3D Scanning System enables clinic owners and audiologists to achieve the following:

  • Modernize your clinic with state-of-the-art technology that offers unparalleled digital accuracy and workflow efficiency

  • Reduce liability and patient risk by eliminating the possibility of material blow-by and other challenges associated with silicone-based earmold impressions

  • Unlock new marketing opportunities by leveraging exciting new technology—and the enhanced patient experience it enables—into new opportunities to attract and engage current and future patients

  • Expedite product turnaround and shave steps off the path to custom-fit solutions so you can put products into patients’ ears days sooner, while reducing the length of the reimbursement/payment cycle

  • Increase clinical efficiency by eliminating the packaging, shipping, and tracking of physical earmold impressions with a digital scan on file and the Lantos cloud-based order management system

  • Provide total hearing care with a single Lantos scan that can be used to make endless custom-fit products for comprehensive hearing enhancement and protective solutions

  • Operate at the top of your license by empowering audiology assistants to perform ear scans (the Lantos System is FDA-cleared for use by anyone licensed to use an otoscope), rather than audiologists having to take earmold impressions