Custom-fit hearing products are the best way to deliver the exceptional sound quality and comfort that your patients deserve.

The portable, office-ready Lantos 3D Scanning System offers a fast, safe, comfortable alternative to the standard earmold impression process. 

Our membrane-based technology captures over 1,000,000 data points per ear in less than two minutes, stitching together a highly detailed 3D image file of the ear's unique geometry in real time. The image file is then instantly uploaded through a seamless digital workflow for modeling and product manufacturing.  

The same scan can also be used for reorders or to create other perfectly-fitting custom products—hearing protection, swim plugs, custom-fit ear tips for consumer electronics, and more—with no additional scan or impression. 

Personalize your offerings. Modernize your clinic. Elevate your patient experience. Ready to learn more? Download the product guide today!

Lantos Workflow




We are on a mission to provide the audiology world with the technology and tools to deliver:

  • Better patient outcomes
  • Improved experiences for patients and staff
  • Exciting new revenue-generating and cost-saving opportunities for clinics and manufacturers

Together we can make 3D ear scanning the new standard for creating superior custom hearing products.