Audiology Online Course: The Movin' Groovin' Outer Ear

Posted by Lantos Staff on 8/5/19 10:20 AM

MovinGroovin AO

Lantos has partnered with Audiology Online to present an exciting new online course, The Movin' Groovin' Outer Ear: Visualizing compliance to help inform comfortable fit

In this course, Lantos Director of Translational Research, Lydia Gregoret, PhD, AuD, examines the outer ear’s compliance using data from direct ear scanning and CT scans. Dr. Gregoret also discusses how compliance can inform hearing aid and earmold design and modification to create a comfortable fit.


CEUs/Hours Offered: AAA/0.1 Introductory; ACAud/1.0; AHIP/1.0; BAA/1.0; CAA/1.0; IACET/0.1; IHS/1.0; Kansas, LTS-S0035/1.0; NZAS/1.0; SAC/1.0


The course is available on demand here:



Topics: Learning