Breaking the Mold - How hearing health practice owners & innovators manage disruption

Posted by Lantos Staff on 5/28/20 9:30 AM
Welcome to Breaking the Mold, a video series from Lantos Technologies featuring hearing health innovators. In each installment, a prominent guest will discuss tactics, insights and opportunities for hearing health professionals and practice owners amidst this current wave of disruption.

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Breaking the Mold with Dr. Gyl Kasewurm

Gyl Kasewurm, Au.D., of Professional Hearing Services in St. Joseph, Michigan, talks practice management strategy with Wally Haddick, Chief Commercial Officer with Lantos. 




Breaking the Mold with Dr. Rich Johnson

Dr. Rich Johnson, owner of Silver State Hearing & Balance in Reno, Nevada, and co-founder of AuDConnex, talks with Lantos Chief Business Development Officer Paul Harkness. 




Breaking the Mold with Dr. Samantha Kleindienst Robler

Samantha Kleindienst Robler, Au.D., Ph.D., of Norton Sound Health Corporation, is an expert in telemedicine utilization and incoming board member of the American Academy of Audiology. In a conversation with Wally Haddick from Lantos, Dr. Kleindienst Robler shares how this disruption is a chance for hearing healthcare providers to adapt and evolve their offerings in order to better address patients' hearing needs—and to serve more people, more efficiently.




Breaking the Mold with Dr. John Martinetti

John Martinetti, Au.D. owns Port Jefferson Hearing in Port Jefferson, New York. In a conversation with Wally Haddick from Lantos, Dr. Martinetti talks about why now is the perfect time to be investing in his practice, with an emphasis on optimizing his clinic's patient experience.




Breaking the Mold with Dr. Michael Iliff

Michael Iliff, Au.D. owns two hearing practices in the Colorado Springs area of Colorado and is a cofounder of hearing health practice management firm AuDConnex. In a conversation with Paul Harkness from Lantos, Dr. Iliff shares why he thinks this period of disruption is an opportunity to leave behind complacency and the status quo, as well as how he's approaching making improvements to the patient experience and patient care.



Breaking the Mold with Dr. Ana Anzola

Ana Anzola, Au.D. owns a hearing health practice that has multiple locations in the Washington, D.C. area. In a conversation with Wally Haddick from Lantos, Dr. Anzola talks about treating disruption as an opportunity to test new models of care and the excitement of watching the hearing health industry evolve to become more efficient and accessible. 




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