Lantos Technologies @ AAA 2019

Posted by Lantos Staff on 2/26/19 10:08 AM



The Lantos team is thrilled to participate in the world's largest gathering of Audiologists in Columbus, Ohio, March 27-30. Don't miss the great talks from the esteemed audiologists on our staff as well as a chance to learn more about the Lantos 3D Scanning System. Here's a rundown of our events:


Lantos Technologies Booth #543

March 27 - March 30

Lantos technologies

Be sure to stop by the Lantos booth to learn more about the scanner and get scanned. We will share with you how the digital workflow will help your office break the mold, saving time, resources and improving your patient experience. Skip the line and schedule your scan in advance!


Special Use Cases Enabled by the Lantos 3D Scanning System

March 28th, 1 - 1:30 PM, IU Room 3Marina Stolyar Lantos

Marina Stolyar, AuD, Audiologist Trainer, will cover how the Lantos 3D Scanning System can be used successfully to obtain impressions in special case populations. We’ll focus on three main areas. Topics discussed will be; tackling surgically altered ears, encountering cases of excess cerumen, and going deep in the canal while maintaining patient (and clinician) comfort.




What's the Deal with 3D Ear Scanning? All Your Questions Answered!

March 28, 1:45 - 2:15 PM, IU Room 3

Erin Henry, AuD, Director of Training, will answer all your questions on scanning. She will cover a range oErin Henry Lantosf topics including: Scan data, scanning supplies, who can use the scanner, workflow efficiency, use cases, placing patient orders, 3D printing, and scan training.




The Movin’ Groovin’ Outer Ear: Visualizing Outer Ear Compliance to Help Inform Comfortable Fit

March 29th, 10:45 - 11:45 AM, Room A213

Lydia Gregoret, PhD, AuD, Director of Translational Research, will share her research on the imLydia Lantospact of flexibility and dynamic movement on hearing aid comfort. She found that the Lantos Scanning System provides a unique method for assessing ear flexibility. By scanning the ear under different conditions, we report how and where the outer ear, including the canal, can flex. We reveal the ear to be a flexible and dynamic entity. This information can help guide earpiece modification and modeling.




Outcomes of Custom Earmolds Made from Lantos 3D Ear Scans vs. Earmold Impressions

March 29th, 12-1 PM, Room A213

Brian FligorDr. Brian Fligor, owner of Tobias & Battite, will cover the results of a double-blinded study of performance and comfort of custom earmolds on Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) hearing aids made from both Lantos 3D Ear Scans and earmold impressions. Patients strongly preferred Lantos ear scans to earmold impressions, and the maximum stable gain and remake rates were comparable in scan-derived and impression-derived devices. Based on these results, Dr. Fligor has found that the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System is a viable alternative to earmold impressions, without compromising the device performance and with significant improvement in the patient's experience.




3D Ear Scanning: A New Pathway to Custom Products

March 29th, 2:30-3:00 PM, IU Room 3

Marina Stolyar, AuD, Audiologist Trainer, will provide an overview on the benefits of custom products and the advantages of 3D ear scanning, which is becoming the new industry standard in obtaining ear geometry. This session is designed for students.


We look forward to seeing you in Columbus!