LantosView 5.0 Release Notes

Posted by Lantos Staff on 8/7/19 4:25 PM






At Lantos, we are hard at work making updates and improvements to our 3D ear scanning system. Our latest software release, LantosView 5.0.0, includes exciting new features that will make ear scanning faster and easier. This software update enhances the Lantos 3D Scanning System, further simplifying the process for mapping the geometry of the ear to produce personalized hearing enhancement and protection solutions.


What’s New

LantosView 5.0 increases the field of view of the optics in the Lantos 3D Scanning System by more than 2.5 times. This means that you can capture more of the ear at once, with less manual movement of the scanner. In clinical testing, experienced scan users saw a reduction in the average time it took to complete a scan of a single ear from about 90 seconds down to roughly 60 seconds. This significant increase in the efficiency of the scan capture process further streamlines the path to a complete, high-quality scan of the ear, from the concha down to within four millimeters of the eardrum. 


Tips and Tricks for Success with LantosView 5.0 

  • This amazing new tech advancement allows the camera to see and record more data points, simultaneously. You can now start your scan as soon as you are out of the pressure cuff, with no need for zooming in to start capturing the data of the cymba concha.

  • Thanks to the extended view of the camera, you don’t have to move around as much to capture the surface you are scanning. Simply move the camera in a “C" shape to capture the right concha and making a “D" shape when capturing the left concha. Follow this up with a quick pivot to see the tragus and then down the ear canal for the final image capture.

  • When there are black markers on all your pertinent surfaces, you are done, do not need to rescan the same area twice. The entire process of scanning should take around 60 seconds. 



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