Meet the Lantos Team: Marina Stolyar, AuD, Audiologist Trainer

Posted by Lantos Staff on 5/2/20 11:29 AM

Dr. Marina Stolyar Scanning

Lantos Technologies is a diverse collaboration of audiologists, music lovers, engineers, and hearing health experts who share a single goal: to improve hearing health care and wellness through state-of-the-art technology and personalized hearing solutions. In this blog series, meet some of the people that make up the Lantos Team. This post features Marina Stolyar, AuD, Audiologist Trainer at Lantos.


What’s your role at Lantos?
As a Lantos trainer, my role is to help our customers and in-house team engage with our product successfully! There’s always tips and tricks up my sleeve to help people get the most out of the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System. From on-site customer visits to assisting our engineering and quality control teams, it’s never a dull day for me at Lantos.

What were you doing before you came to Lantos?
Prior to joining the Lantos team, I was working at a busy ENT practice in New York City as an audiologist. I diagnosed and treated people of all ages!

What's exciting for you about working at Lantos?
The most exciting part about working for Lantos is the innovative culture of the company. We are constantly finding new ways to bring cutting-edge technologies and opportunities to the hearing industry. 

What do you think the impacts Lantos will have?
Lantos will have a massive impact on the profession of audiology. We are changing how we as hearing healthcare professionals interact, manage and fit our patients. With the technology and virtual landscape changing rapidly around us, Lantos is one step ahead.

Fun personal fact that people might not guess about you?
English is not my first language! I am bilingual and spoke exclusively Russian until I entered kindergarten. I also would do anything to pet a puppy, any puppy, anytime. 

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