The Opportunity in These Challenging Times

Posted by John Bojanowski on 4/23/20 4:18 PM


To Our Hearing Health Partners:

If you’re like most providers in the hearing health industry, you have probably already applied for the PPP or an EIDL loan and have yet to see a deposit made into your business account. You’ve likely adjusted your practice as best you can by scaling back office hours, seeing patients only for special situations, working remotely when possible, or even closing down temporarily. For the month of April, your business may be down as much as 75% or 85%. These are really challenging times.

So what can we be doing, right now?

First, we must accept that while this coronavirus will pass in a few weeks or a month or maybe longer, things will not simply reset to how they were before. Time moves in one direction. There’s no going back. There’s only forward. And now, we have an opportunity to determine who and what we want to be on the other side of this event.   

Second, this is a time for action and for courage. Now is the time to seize the opportunity to imagine how we can better ourselves, our communities, and the people we serve. Let’s recognize and cast aside those old-fashioned practices that stood in the way of progress. This is a time to be a visionary, not to sit idle or to hope for a return to what we used to think was normal. 

At Lantos, we are fortified by the optimism we see daily from our partners in hearing healthcare.

To those who are taking this opportunity as a call to action for incorporating new strategies and tools that will serve hearing healthcare practices and their patients for both the short and long term, we applaud your lead. 

To those who are clearing the path for the adoption of new technologies that enable teleaudiology, remote patient care and curbside care, we share your vision. These changes will benefit patients now during this critical time and will help build an infrastructure for revenue growth opportunities that will remain impactful and efficient for years to come. 

To those who are calling for proactive evolution of business practices that will elevate patient care, patient experiences and patient outcomes, we agree that now is the time to think, plan and begin to execute these changes.

Change isn’t easy. Yet, like it or not, the landscape has changed. Right now we have a unique opportunity to build a vision for the future. Let’s make the most of this chance to create a tomorrow where hearing healthcare thrives. To get there, we need to start now.