Three Steps to a Fun, Engaging, Interactive Scanning Experience

Posted by Marina Stolyar, Au.D. on 11/15/19 2:11 PM


Dr. Marina Stolyar Scanning

Scanning. Should. Be. Fun. For everyone involved.

It is no coincidence that we here at Lantos designed our 3D ear scanner to mimic a video game! 

From the moment someone sits down in your exam chair, you can make scanning an engaging experience for them by following these easy steps:


    Let them see it! Connect your scanning laptop to a large monitor or TV. Not only does this enhance the visibility of what you're doing, it also creates a “wow factor” for people who are new to this technology. They get to see the inside of their ear all the way down to the eardrum, likely for the first time ever! Do not underestimate the value this experience can have on your business.

  2. Let them touch it! The Lantos membrane is a highly engineered piece of equipment that allows for the digital mapping of the ear. With that said, it is also super squishy and fun to squeeze. Inviting scannees to feel and squish the inflated membrane prior to placing it in their ear will put their mind at ease and allow them to feel engaged with the process from the very beginning.

  3. Let them ask questions! Part of the fun is opening up a discussion around what scanning allows you, the provider, to do for them. Do they go to concerts, mow the lawn, go to the shooting range, or have a partner who snores? You can make an endless amount of customized solutions for their life with the set of scans you are capturing.

Most importantly, let yourself have fun while engaging with your clientele on a completely new level. For most people, they are seeing inside their ear, likely for the very first time, and this is both exciting and innovative for them. Showing them the level of enthusiasm you have for this new technology will have them leaving your business raving about the service you've provided.

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