Ear Scanning Alleviates Safety Concerns: Why take the risk of EMI?

Posted by Michelle L. Tejada, Au.D., PASC on 3/30/20 10:00 AM


A 3D ear scan of an ear canal with a mastoid cavity

Dr. S sat at her desk, feeling glum. This morning she had taken earmold impressions on a very nice elderly woman. 

Dr. S thought that she had done everything right, but she had a blow-by on the right side. The impression material went past the otoblock, which was supposed to have prevented the material from going too deep. The patient complained of pain during removal but was fine when she left. An hour later, the patient’s daughter called to cancel the hearing aid order and said that her mother was no longer interested in hearing aids, not even from another provider.

“We have been trying for years to get her to try hearing aids and now, because of you, she won’t!” the daughter said angrily.

“All I wanted to do was help, and now I have made the situation worse” thought Dr. S. 

* * *

Although this story is fictional, it can easily occur in any hearing healthcare practice. Why risk causing harm with old-fashioned earmold impressions when safe, proven ear scanning technology is now available?

With the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System, hearing healthcare providers can scan patients' ear canals without risk or causing discomfort. The Lantos Membrane means there's no more need to use otoblocks, which are those little bits of foam or cotton that are used to prevent the impression material from reaching the eardrum. If a person’s ear canal has been surgically enlarged, resulting in a mastoid cavity, the area can be easily and safely scanned without packing the area with otoblocks first.

Since impression material is not used when capturing the ear's geometry through 3D ear scanning, there is no risk of blow-by, which happens when impression material flows around the otoblock due to improper size or placement. Although rare, the impression material can break off in the ear, and would then need to be removed by a physician. Why take a risk when the scanning procedure is gentle and comfortable?

Beyond eliminating some of the risks associated with EMI, the disposable, single-patient-use membrane also offers the utmost hygeine and safety. Learn more about how the Lantos membrane works.

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